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Tavistock Hypnotherapy

Working solely online and with a special interest in helping to manage ASD and ADHD I work with adults and teenagers to achieve desired changes and create a positive outlook for the future. Helping to manage their responses by approaching issues in a solution focused and person centred way.

Using a hypnotherapy induced state of relaxation (trance) to access the subconscious), Solution Focused Hypnotherapy effects change that is beneficial for anyone with issues relating to:


Anxiety,     Depression,     Anger,     Stress,     Phobias,      OCD,     Pain,      Post Traumatic Stress,


It can also strengthen

Self Esteem,      Confidence,     positive childbirth experience,     Sports performance,     Weight Loss

and much more.


Individual sessions start with an intial cosultation in which we discuss what you would like to work on and each session there after is booked weekly.  Hypnosis increase your resiliance, sense of control and ability to manage your day to day life.

Please contact me for more details and to book an appointment.