About Hypnotherapy: what happens in a session


Hypnotherapy is a calming and powerful form of therapy that utilises the natural state of trance to enhance the emotional healing and learning processes.


During the initial consultation I will run through how hypnotherapy works and how it will help your circumstances.


During a therapy session we will discuss your week and then, through relaxation, induce a state of trance to start the hypnotherapy. Trance is something that we all experience many times during the day such as when you are listening to music or daydreaming and allows our minds to work four times more efficiently than when we are full conscious of the world surrounding us. During this time you are more susceptible to positive language and we can reduce the effect of learnt behaviour.


Hypnosis is generally an enjoyable and relaxing process that you are aware of from beginning to end.



Individual Sessions – £70

Block of 5 Sessions – £300


To book an initial consultation please contact me, here.